SafeLan | Safety lancet to prevent needlestick injury

BOSUNGMEDITECH is specialized in manufacturing medical devices such as safety lancet, diabetes lancet and diabetes test kit, etc.
Recently in many countries, secondary infection through disposable sterile medical devices has become a matter of great concern. So, we have developed a brand-new disposable lancet, "SafeLan" which can prevent needlestick injury and secondary infection by integrating needle, protective tip and cap. In addition, we have developed a lancet pen, "SafeLan-Pro" which can prevent the transmitting blood-borne pathogens by used lancet. And also we have developed a bloodletting device, "SafeLan-Auto" which is a painless lancet and easy to control and can minimize pain.
Besides, since our company is chosen as the Development of Regional Strategic Project by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy, we are researching and developing a Multi-channel Single Port and Trocar. Through these, we plan to delve into the blue ocean of disposable sterile medical device market.
We are committed to satisfying our customers' needs with the utmost safety as of the best quality of products. We also pledge ourselves to develop through self-innovation and contribute to the community service with our stable and continuous profits.


SafeLan Diabetes lancet is a convenient medical tool used to draw blood for medical examination.
It is disposable and can be easily used at anytime and anywhere and is especially convenient for drawing blood of diabetes patients.
Diabetes lancet cover prevents the lancet from being polluted by external impurities such as needle dust.
Furthermore it is cost saving and convenient for people.